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JWZ-1000L Meaisín Mhúnlú Séidte Umar IBC

Am: 2023 05-06- Hits: 11

An difríocht idir umar IBC ciseal amháin agus ciseal dúbailte

Why does the 1000L meaisín múnlaithe buille have two types: single layer and double layer?
Previously, the IBC tanks on the market were all single-layer, so we made a single-layer blow meaisín múnlaithe. In recent years, due to fierce market competition and rising raw material costs, customers are looking for a machine to produce double-layer IBC tanks to save material costs. That is, the outer layer uses crusher recycled material, and the inner layer uses 100% virgin material for more durable liquid storage.

1. What are the advantages of single layer 1000L mhúnlú buille meaisín?
The first advantage of IBC tank single layer 1000L blow molding machine is cheaper than double layer. The second advantage is that customers use it more and the equipment is mature.

2. What are the advantages of the double layer 1000L IBC Tank blowing machine?
The double-layer 1000L IBC Tank blow molding machine can save material costs, because the outer layer can use recycle materials, which can quickly pay back the cost. The double-layer 1000L IBC Tank blow molding machine can also produce inner and outer layers with different colors for special purposes.